1) “Doing a Great Job is The Biggest Win” Promotion

The Color Copy “Doing a Great Job is The Biggest Win” Promotion (hereinafter: „Promotion“) is a scratch card promotion organized by Mondi Paper Sales GmbH, Marxergasse 4A, 1030 Vienna, Austria (hereinafter: „Mondi UFP“). The goal of the promotion is to scratch three identical Color Copy icons in the scratch-off panel on on-product stickers or separate scratch cards. With three identical icons, customers have immediately won a Color Copy T-shirt, which they can order with a unique sticker code on www.colorcopy.com. To win the main prize, a cruise on the world’s largest cruise ship “Symphony of the Seas", customers should enter their unique sticker code on www.colorcopy.com to register for the competition. The Promotion runs from 15/10/2018 to 15/12/2018.

Please also see the provision regarding Data Protection under Article 5 below.

Participants may sign up for the Promotion by entering their unique sticker code on www.colorcopy.com to claim their Color Copy T-shirt and/or register for the competition about the main prize. At the conclusion of the Promotion on 15/12/2018, the winner of the main prize is determined by lucky draw. The winner of the main prize will be contacted directly via email on the 20/12/2018.

This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Royal Carribean or Symphony of the Seas.

The winner will receive the following main prize:

Under no circumstances will the prize be exchanged for cash equivalent.
The right to the prize or replacement prize is not transferable.

Travel arrangements will be made in consultation with the winner, however, winners are not entitled to demand a specific date of the trip (specific travel periods can be excluded). Mondi UFP will bear the following costs: flights and a 7-day Caribbean cruise for two adults. Any further costs or expenses incurred by the winner during the trip (meals, mini-bar, airport transfers, telephone, etc.) has to be borne by the winner. Likewise any personal income tax implications are to be borne solely by the winner.
Items described as prizes in the Promotion need not necessarily be identical to the items dispatched as prizes. The model, color or other similar specifications may vary. The winner shall receive a replacement prize equal in value to the prize won also in the event that the prize can no longer be delivered in the form originally published (change of model, seasonal goods etc.).

Complaints with respect to defective or damaged prizes should be submitted in writing to Mondi UFP no later than fourteen (14) days after the date of delivery. No complaints will be accepted by telephone or after this deadline.

2) Entry Conditions and Exclusion

Unless expressly excluded from taking part as per the below paragraph, persons younger than 18 require the permission of their parents or legal guardian in order to participate. The Promotion is open to natural persons only. The Promotion is open to natural persons resident in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Iceland and Turkey.

Excluded from participation in the Promotion are:

Participating is only possible via www.colorcopy.com. By entering the competition, users are accepting these terms of participation. For winners with three identical icons, the sticker code can only be used one time to order a Color Copy T-shirt. Furthermore, each sticker code can only be entered once to participate in the competition about the main prize. In order for a person to participate in the Promotion, all personal details given must be true and correct. Failure to comply with this condition may result in exclusion from the Promotion.

3) Implementation and Organisation

The winners will be notified directly via email. In case that two weeks after notice the winner does not accept the price, Mondi UFP reserves the right to nominate another winner or to have the price lapsed. His/her name may be published on www.mondigroup.com/colorcopy, www.colorcopy.com and on www.facebook.com/ColorCopyPaper. The winner expressly agrees to the publication of his/her name in this form. The winner who fails to respond within two weeks of transmission of this written email notification loses his/her right to the prize and a new winner will be determined. The winner also loses his/her claim to the prize if he/she fails to provide all relevant data required within one month after the initial notification of winning the prize. Mondi UFP is entitled to forward the winner’s personal details to the travel agency and to the delivery company to enable dispatch of the prize to the winner.

The closing date for the participation is 15 December 2018. By lucky draw the main prize winner and the weekly winners will be determined amongst all entrants of the Promotion. The decision on the selection of the winners is definite and taken without any objectivity. Legal remedies against the decision are excluded.

4) Premature Termination of the Promotion

Mondi UFP reserves the right to cancel the Promotion or end it at any time without giving any reasons or prior notice. Mondi UFP will make use of this possibility especially if technical problems (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation of or defects in the hardware and/or software), unpredictable circumstances or legal issues occur, making it impossible to guarantee that the Promotion will be run as planned.

In the event that such termination of the Promotion is attributable to the actions of a participant, Mondi UFP is entitled to demand compensation from this person for the losses incurred.

5) Data Protection

Mondi UFP complies with the laws relating to data protection and to the keep the secrecy of telecommunications. By entering the competition, users are accepting these terms of participation and expressly permit Mondi UFP to save the information as indicated by the participant under www.mondigroup.com/colorcopy and www.colorcopy.com for as long as the Promotion lasts and to forward this information to the travel agency supplying the main to enable delivery to the winners. Entrants can retract their agreement to the storage, processing and forwarding of their personal details at any time at [email protected] and thereby withdraw from the Promotion.

6) Liability

Mondi UFP is released from all obligations as soon as all bookings associated with the prize have been confirmed in the name of the winner.

Mondi UFP shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by Mondi UFP or one of its agents except for wilfully or negligently caused damages. This does not apply to loss or damage caused by injury to life, the body and/or health. The above-mentioned limitation of liability applies especially to loss or damage caused by errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission of data or similar, to faults in the technical systems or service, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data and viruses.
The value of the prize cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent.

7) Miscellaneous

No correspondence about the competition will be entered into, and there is no right of appeal. 
The provisions and rules contained herein shall be governed solely by Austrian law. The court of jurisdiction is Vienna.

In the event that any one of the provisions contained herein is invalid or becomes invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other terms of use. The English version is the valid version if any inconsistencies arise from translation of these terms of participation.